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Saturday 23rd April 1-4PM  


Host: Kate Gavin

The absolute wonder that is Rocket Vinyasa Flow


This three hour workshop is going to introduce you to the absolute wonder that is Rocket Vinyasa Flow; a high energy, shape-making, accessible practice. Rocket is based on traditional ashtanga yoga, but with a twist!  We have the opportunity to play with arm-balances, inversions, twists, core-work and back-bends.  If you want to experience that yoga-high this is the workshop for you.

You will discover a little intro of the philosophy and lineage of Rocket Vinyasa before we start the practice with pranayama breathing techniques to build energy and increase oxygen in the body.  Following this we will run through a 90 minute practice of Rocket 2 sequence, this will include hands-on adjustments for those who would like them, a breakdown of some of the more tricky arm-balances and drills to prepare the body for inversions (the upside-down stuff!).  Finally we will slow it right down coming into savasana (with added massage) and closing intentions.

Features of Rocket 2 include back-bends and core work but you should also expect variations of
-Sun A/B
-Utkatasana to bakasana (chair to crow)
-Bakasana jump back to chaturanga
-Balances including virabhadrasana 3, uttitha hasta padangustasana and variations, ardha chandrasana
-Janu sirsana to nirvasana and loads more core
-Pincha mayurasana and handstand drills (perfect for those who have never been upside down but are wanting to bring it into your practice more.)
But whether you can make these shapes or not, this is the journey and direction we are heading in.  


Your workshop is hosted by Kate Gavin.  Trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga and Rocket Vinyasa.   A self-confessed Rocket addict who has found that the Rocket has not only developed her physical practice but her love of “the journey” towards the shapes.  Kate is part of the North West Rocket community and can’t wait to lift off with you!  


 For practicing yogis who want to take some time out to learn a little more about the lineage and development of modern day yoga.  For yogis who want to come into an inclusive environment and work through a challenging sequence and build strength on the body.  For yogis who want to experience the energy of rocket vinyasa and take that yoga high out into the world to share!  For yogis who need to hear the message “you’re stronger than you think you are.”


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