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Since being being qualified in 2018 in the gorgeous and wonderful Goa, India, I have been known for my fun and enthusiastic yoga classes and ability to meet client needs of all levels of ability.


I am 420 hours qualified in Vinyasa and Ashtanga flow and Barre and also fully insured! Having taught all over the world and advancing in my career quickly, my goal was to give back what i've learnt over the years and help people with yoga, just like it helped me!


Taking it online was my next step in launching Crowded Yoga, a virtual hub for all things yoga related. This is so my clients could have all the tools, guidance and support whenever and at whatever pace chosen to deepen their learning and yoga practice.

My main areas of expertise is Yoga, Meditation and Barre (which is Ballet Fit) and I currently on a chakra balancing and healing course so I am super excited.  


Lots of love,


Lauren x

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