15TH MAY - 5TH JUNE 2022

Host: Lauren

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In May 2022, ELEVEN:ELEVEN Yoga Studios launches another four week beginners course within Liverpool City Centre. This is suitable for individuals who have never practiced yoga before or even practicing yogis that want deeper training and explanation regarding postures, breathwork, anatomy and alignment and improving their overall awareness of yoga. Your instructor will be Lauren who is a trained specialist in Ashtanga & Vinyasa Flow, Barre and chakra healing who is delighted to be taking this beginner course and helping you enhance your learning and development.

Over the course of four weeks, you will receive four 90 minute sessions, expert training, an online E-Book covering everything you have learnt so you can refer back to this at any point, a welcome gift and developing your own awareness of yoga, creating a healthier and more mindful you.

WEEK ONE 15th May 2022 - 6pm: Introduction to the breath, meditation, yoga props and mat based asanas (postures) to initiate grounding and mindfulness as well as friendly welcome to the group. Exploring certain relaxation techniques and understanding the breath and yoga to allow your flow to develop.

WEEK TWO 22nd May 2022 6pm: Using your already existing knowledge to build up your sun salutation and adopting a physical approach to your own anatomy and alignment within postures. You will also be exploring meditation and intention setting and how to take modifications when necessary. 

WEEK THREE 29th May 2022 6pm: In this session you will be taken through sun salutations as a reminder from week two. From here this will develop into surya B, an alternative sequence where your existing knowledge can be built upon and developed into a more technical flow as we start to venture through warriors and alternative standing positions to create strength and become more attune with our practice.

WEEK FOUR 5th June April 2022 6pm: In our final session, we will address backbends and inversions in a beginner friendly manner, maintaining relation and where you can take your yoga journey next. We will finish in our final flow putting together everything we have learnt over the past three weeks and have our final meditation circle with the group.

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The beginners course was an amazing introduction to yoga! I have previously followed YouTube videos and attended classes but the beginners class was so refreshing. Lauren ensured your posture was correct and gave great insight into the breathing techniques and background to yoga. She made us all feel very comfortable and encouraged us into deep stretches. I would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who is new to yoga or just wants to ensure they are doing things right!


I loved the beginners course, lauren taught us so much. It was nice to be able to attend a yoga class with other a lot more knowledge than when I started. I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you so much lauren 


I booked the beginners yoga course even though I had been to yoga for a while now but just felt I needed to get better and have a re fresh. Lauren was absolutely amazing and I have learnt so much on this 4 week course and feel like I have progressed so much in my practice already and feel so much more comfortable to just walk into any class and enjoy it! Was such a brilliant course from start to finish