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Rocket Yoga Teacher Training Liverpool


16th - 20th August 2023

At ELEVEN:ELEVEN Yoga Studios, Liverpool City Centre

Led by David Sánchez

 Read below for all additional information


"The Rocket" is a dynamic, energetic practice developed by Larry Schultz in the 80s. It is based on the traditional Ashtanga Yoga series. However, the difference with this style is that Rocket removes the hierarchy of postures, giving students control over their own creative process.
Rocket Yoga is divided into three series focused on promoting the development of strength and flexibility to consciously stimulate the digestive, respiratory and central nervous systems. The sequences invigorate and strengthen students with advanced postures while still staying accessible through variations and practicing acceptance of your own processes. Dive into the history, gain a solid understanding of the sequences, and learn how to adapt, teach and adjust the Rocket series. 
Whether you want to get deeper on your Rocket practice and teaching or just explore a new challenging and fun practice, this intensive week is perfect for you. Get ready for the take off!!!
Participants will receive the official 50h Rocket® manual and certification.

Course dates: 50 Hour Wednesday 16th Jan - Sunday 20th Aug 2023
Course dates: 25 Hour Friday  18th Jan - Sunday 20th Aug 2023

Each day will run from 8am till 5pm at ELEVEN:ELEVEN Yoga Studios

• Daily practices
• The history of Rocket and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
• Usage and meaning of Mantras - Opening chants of Ashtanga's lineages
• Developing a daily pranayama practice
• Mat Markings - How to use mat marking as an alignment aid, tailored to your body and practice
• Integrating breath, bandhas, and drishti into your practice and teaching
• Floating and flying techniques
• Arms balances, inversions and backbends masterclasses /workshops
• Teaching methodology for Rocket 1, 2 & 3
• Finding creativity within The Rocket sequencing
• Hands on adjustments/ Assisting - Learn to effectively assist the foundational postures as well as the more advanced Asanas

50 Hour

The full course price is £850, with early-bird price of £700 available until the 30th May. Payment can either be taken in full upon booking, or via a payment plan upon request (contact info@elevenelevenyogastudios to arrange)
25 Hour

The full course price is £450, with early-bird price of £375 available until the 30th June. Payment can either be taken in full upon booking, or via a payment plan upon request (contact info@elevenelevenyogastudios to arrange)

Tropical Leaves
50hrs rocket certification course



Complete official course focused on deepening your knowledge of Rocket Yoga, including all the original series. History and philosophy of Rocket Yoga. Poses from the Rocket series. Variations of postures and adjustments. Transitions included in the Rocket series applied to the vinyasa concept with bandhas and breathing. Practice and teaching of the Rocket I, II and III series or BBQ: the union of both series.
Anatomy/alignment of postures including inverted postures and arm balances. Adaptations of the series for beginners. Inclusion of the practice of Rocket and Ashtanga as a system. Pranayama and Kriya.
The training includes an official manual in Spanish (Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) where you can find all the concepts of the training and postures of each series in photography.
To obtain the official certification, it is necessary to participate in the entire course and complete a small questionnaire on the last day to confirm the assimilation of important concepts.


Inversions as a part of our yoga practice help us to develop confidence as well as balance and strength. In this workshop you will gain a clear understanding of inverted asanas, applying the three key elements needed to master them: anatomy, bandas and breathing.
In order to achieve each posture we will practice warm-ups and drills and you will also learn variations using props to help you explore the sense of balance and control.
This workshop is a great opportunity to bring your practice to the next level and reinforce your self-confidence to include this group of asanas as part of it. 

Backbends are known to be a group of asanas that many people can find challenging both physically and mentally. However, this is often the feeling when you are not approaching them properly.
In this workshop we will work on the fundamental alignment principles and techniques to practice backbends safely. We will focus on spinal mobility and strength, going through the main asanas included in this group and integrating the role of our breath and muscles.
The workshop is recommended for any student interested in deepening their backbend practice, since we will cover both smooth variations using props as well as more advanced versions of the asanas. 

Arm balances and transitions are part of all the Rocket series, adding a new fun challenge to our practice. In this workshop we will break down the key foundations of the main arm balance postures included in Rocket yoga. We will also learn how to create the vinyasa movement combining the possible transitions between asanas with breathing techniques and bandhas activation.
We will cover different approaches and variations for all the postures and transitions so any student, beginner or advanced can deepen their understanding and confidence to improve their yoga practice.


Tropical Leaves



David Sanchez rocket yoga teacher

In 2015 David was invited by Ricardo Martin to travel to Thailand and train as a teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 200 Hrs and in "The Rocket" 100 Hrs. David got certified as a 500Hrs Rocket Teacher trainer facilitator by It’s Yoga International when he finished his 300Hrs Rocket Teacher Training. David then lived in London where he practiced in Indaba Yoga Studio. David worked hand in hand with international teachers such as Ambra Vallo in Italy being granted with a Level 2 Advanced Teacher Training 100Hrs. 

Born in Caracas, David discovered Hatha Yoga in 2004 thanks to a friend with whom he shared his passion for skating. From that moment on, he began to participate in different social and cultural movements with people at risk of social exclusion, with addiction problems, family abuse, etc. David began as a musician in Yoga sessions with different instruments such as the Spanish guitar, Latin American flutes and the Afro-Brazilian Berimbau. In 2015 David traveled to Thailand to be trained as an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher and in "The Rocket" by It`s Yoga Satellite school (currently Bright Yoga School). David finished his complete Rocket® Yoga training being certified as a Rocket Teacher trainer facilitator by "It's Yoga 500 Hrs", the highest certificate of the It's Yoga international school. Later David moved to London where he had the opportunity to learn Dharma and Forrest Yoga from internationally renowned teachers such as Ambra Vallo.

In the last 6 years he has dedicated himself to teaching, transmitting and promoting the tools of Yoga by teaching special classes, workshops, trainings and Yoga immersions both online and face-to-face in Spain and around Europe. He has continued learning as a practitioner and teacher having the opportunity to be assistant professor in international teacher trainings in Spain and Italy.
David currently lives in Madrid and due to his more than 650 hours of training and experience, he is officially accredited by Yoga Alliance as E-RYT 500H, Rocket Yoga® teacher trainer facilitator and YACEP provider.


Got a question?

Contact David for any additional information you may need regarding your 50 Hour Rocket yoga teacher training.

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