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Hip opening yoga workshop liverpool


Saturday 9th March 12-3pm
Sunday 9th June12-3pm


Host: Lauren

Release and empower through hip-opening self care!

Join Lauren in this 3 hour workshop that will leave your hips and your heart happy.

You will firstly be guided through a 45 minute calming and connecting chakra meditation, followed by a short break to bring you back down to earth with rose tea and a chance to speak to other yogis within the workshop. Followed by an introduction to the the benefits of hip openers, enjoying rose tea and quarts crystals. You will then flow though a 60 minute vinyasa flow to bring heat and mobilisation to the body to allow the hips to start opening. Thereafter the group will finish with an hours yin practice with props to target depth and exploration of hip openers.

Why is it so important to open our hips? 

With so many of us having office based jobs we are sat for long periods of time and the hips are flexed, and the hip flexors are shortened. This leads to tight hips, which increases the load and cause overuse of the spine. Tight hips can have a negative effect on other body parts and even lead to injury.  

Your hips are the connection point of both your upper and lower body. 

Improving our hip mobility and flexibility is not only beneficial for the hips themselves, but the body as a whole. Hip mobility is critical for healthy movement and injury prevention.

Additionally, opening our hips in yogic tradition is seen to release negative energy as the hips are seen as a storage hub for negative emotions and feelings. 



Your workshop is hosted by Lauren, the studios founder. She loves to hold space for yogis and aid to their continual development, allowing space for growth physically, mentally and emotionally. 


This workshop is for students of all levels and teachers looking to expand their knowledge base.

It is also great for those who suffer with tight hips and want to gain a deeper insight and learning regarding this 


Have a few questions? 

Email us at

or call 0151 236 5937

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